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One-Man-Show Ain Sebâa

Hassan El Fad Releases First Episodes of
One-Man-Show ‘Ain Sebâa’

Hassan El Fad, one of Morocco’s most famous comedians, has unveiled on his official YouTube channel the first episodes of his new one man show “Ain Sebâa”.

In the first clip El Fad narrates some of his funny childhood memories in Casablanca’s Ain Sebâa district, leaving the audience in hysterical laughter.

Throughout the 8-minute video the comedian plays different roles and characters of Moroccan people in a sarcastic way. Born and raised in Casablanca, El Fad has made several one-man shows, including “Ninja” and “Doctor Snail”.

The comedian is also famous for his serial comic shows, including his successful series “L’Couple”, “Chaine Ci BiBi” and “El Fad TV”.

Ain Sebaa show will be broadcasted throughout the month of Ramadan on the comedian’s social networks. It will be aired three times a week, on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.

Moroccan actresses, comedians and actors do their utmost throughout the year to come up with special series and shows to please their fans in Ramadan.

Moroccan TV channels 2M TV and Al Oula TV feature throughout this holy month a number of prank shows, sitcoms and drama series, including “Sir El Marjane”, “El Yatima”, “Hanane Net” and “El Anissa Farida”.

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